A physiotherapy room with table at work

About Us

First Line Physiotherapy the clinic that puts you and your needs first. We provide a friendly environment where people can spend quality time with a team that values them and their goals. We recognize that there is far more to you as a person beyond your pain, injury, or condition. We’re excited to learn about you as an individual and help and get you back to doing the things that you love. Our team takes pride in our strong values and are eager for the opportunity to be your partners in recovery. First Line Physiotherapy was founded on 3 pillars: Experience, Growth, and Community. Do you have more questions about us and how we might be able to help you? Please contact us, our team is eager to assist you!


Our goal is to partner with you in helping you get back to the things that you love. We strive to provide high-quality one-on-one care designed to meet your needs throughout, and beyond, your recovery. From the moment you discover our clinic, our team aims to understand your goals and make you feel comfortable asking questions. It is important to us that you feel comfortable not just with your main practitioner, but with the whole team. The more we can learn about you as an individual, the more personalized your experience becomes.


You are the driver behind your health, and our team will help empower you to understand this. We will help you better understand your pain, injury, and each component of your care plan. Additionally, by regularly taking courses, reading research, and seeking client feedback, our team is constantly expanding their own knowledge to better support you and improve your experience. Our bodies are amazing, and understanding how you and your body can work together to improve your pain and quality of life in one of our main missions. 


When you become a client at First Line Physiotherapy, you become part of our family. Our primary focus is helping you reach your rehabilitation goals so that you can thrive outside of the clinic in all of your active life pursuits. In addition, are excited to join you in celebrating your achievements both in and outside of the clinic. We are committed to keeping people within our community updated by consistently sharing clinic news, educational blogs, and other content through our website and social media.