Home Exercise Planning and Training

What Is Home Exercise Planning And Training?

Home exercise training is any type of exercise or activity that you are doing from home, without having to go to a gym, attend classes, or join a league. It is a very convenient way to train and can be a great way to schedule fitness and physical activity into your daily routine. Setting up that routine can be challenging, especially for someone who is new to only exercising at home and with very little equipment. Home exercise planning involves working with a physiotherapist, who is a movement and exercise expert, to take the guesswork out of setting up that plan and getting on track with a home exercise program that is right for you based on your needs, function, and goals.
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How Does Home Exercise Planning And Training Work?

Getting started with a plan and beginning a home exercise program starts with a physiotherapy assessment. Getting a physical assessment of your posture, your current fitness level, and your functional movement capabilities gives you and your physiotherapist a starting point from which to work. This assessment will also be used to better understand your goals, and why starting a home exercise plan is important to you. From that point, you and your physiotherapist will make your goals as specific as possible and set up a plan and a timeline aimed at reaching them.

Why Should I Start
A Home Exercise Program?

Physical activity is extremely important to our overall well-being, as it is important to keep our bodies moving often and properly, in order to keep them functioning well. If you don’t have a plan, ensuring you are getting enough activity, and fitting it into your schedule, can be extremely difficult. Some common exercise goals include gaining strength and muscle, increasing your endurance through cardio, and losing weight. By scheduling in a combination of cardio and strength training, all of these goals are achievable at home, and with a structured plan and a supportive team behind you, you are far more likely to follow through and make consistent progress towards them.
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How Long Does An Exercise Plan Last?

Exercise is a lifelong journey, and no one routine will last you forever. Your exercise will adapt over time depending on your life. A change in goals, interests, schedule, improvement in function are all common reasons why exercise plans would have to be adapted or progressed. An exercise plan is typically designed so that you are doing some sort of activity daily, planned out over a 7-day schedule. Typically, if someone is following their exercise program consistently, they can expect to see progress and will require program adaptations every 2-4 weeks. For this reason, it is recommended that you have a visit with your physiotherapist within this timeframe in order to re-evaluate, progress, and adapt your program to meet your developing needs.
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How Do I Get the Most Out Of My Home Exercise Plan?

Getting the most out of your exercise plan comes down to one main idea: Consistency! Firstly, this means being consistent in performing your exercise program. Doing your best to stick to the plan will give you the best chance to see progress and will give you and your physiotherapist a clear idea of what is working, and what needs to be adapted. Secondly, being consistent with other habits like nutrition, sleep, and hydration will help you maximize your results and get you to your goals quicker, in a healthy way that is good for your overall well-being. The more consistent you are, the more you will get out of your physiotherapy sessions, and the more you will get out of your program.

At First Line Physiotherapy, Home Exercise Planning and Training is considered part of physiotherapy treatment. If you have any other questions about how a physiotherapist can help you on your home exercise journey, or would like help in deciding if physiotherapy and a home exercise program would be right for you, please contact us, and a team member would be happy to assist you.