How First Line Physiotherapy Is Keeping You Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Daniel Sedran

November 24, 2020

The front desk at First Line Physiotherapy

Recently, it was announced that Toronto would be entering the Grey Zone, meaning that the city is presently in the highest level of COVID-19 restrictions and many businesses are not able to provide in-person service. In accordance with the Chief Medical Officer of Health, and as per the direction of the Ontario Physiotherapy Association, First Line Physiotherapy will remain open for in-person visits in keeping with restrictions in place for physical distancing, patient screening, and infection control measures.

Since opening our doors on November 2nd, we have been following strict health and safety procedures. In light of the recent changes, we have carefully reviewed all procedures, and updated them in order to maximize the safety and well-being of our clients. A more detailed document involving all policies and procedures as they relate to health and safety will be made available upon request. This blog post was written to inform you of the things we are doing to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Spacing: To ensure there is sufficient time for cleaning and disinfecting of all common areas, treatment spaces and equipment, appointments are being scheduled with at least 15 minutes between clients.

Locked-Door Policy: For the time being, our front door will be locked to prevent individuals from walking into the clinic without being screened. Appointments can still be scheduled online or over the phone, but anyone without an appointment will not be permitted into the facility.  

Contactless Intake Procedure: All intake forms, exercise programs, and invoices can be communicated securely via our online medical records system. Should the client not be able to complete the intake package online, paper versions will still be made available if necessary.

Staff Protocols

Knowledge of Procedures: Each staff member who is present in the clinic will have thoroughly reviewed, and fully understands the full clinic policies and procedures, such that each person has the knowledge regarding how we are keeping clients, and each other, safe.

Staff COVID-19 Screening: In addition to client screening, all staff members are required to complete and record the same COVID-19 screening to ensure they are well before the arrival of, and interaction with, any client.

Before Your Session

COVID-19 Screening: All clients are made aware on the phone prior to their arrival at the clinic that a thorough screen will be completed prior to entry. Clients who do not pass the screening process, will not be permitted into the clinic.

Temperature Check: In addition to the COVID-19 symptom screening, we are checking temperatures upon arrival with a contactless thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 37.5° F will not be permitted into the clinic.

Mask and Hand Hygiene: No client is permitted to enter the clinic without a mask, and immediately upon entry, the client will have to practice hand hygiene. This can either be completed using the hand sanitizer, or with soap and water at the sink located at the front of the clinic.

Cleaning and Disinfecting: All common surfaces, equipment, and treatment areas will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to use. Fresh paper covering will be applied to all tables and chairs that are going to be used in the treatment session.

At the Clinic

PPE and Safe Practices: Any individual you are working with will have a mask. When working with a health professional they will also be wearing some form of eye/face protection, and all admin staff will be protected via a plexiglass barrier at the front desk.

Physical Distancing: Our waiting area is equipped with one chair, and only one client will be permitted into the clinic at a time to ensure maximal distance from other clients while in the facility.

Air Purifier: The clinic has also purchased a Honeywell Air Purifier which will be running in treatment spaces and common areas periodically.

Appointment Times: Appointment times will be kept to a strict schedule to ensure the time allotted for cleaning and disinfecting can be properly utilized.

After Your Appointment

Following your session, your health professional and any clinical staff available will be hard at work to clean and disinfect any treatment spaces, equipment, and surfaces that might have been utilized during your session. This will ensure that the facility and equipment are thoroughly disinfected for each client.

We are grateful to be able to remain open, and will continue to do our part in keeping all clients, staff, and their loved ones safe during these times. Should you have any questions or concerns about how we can improve our health and safety procedures, please make us aware and we will do our absolute best to accommodate for your needs.

Stay safe and take care,

Daniel Sedran

Registered Physiotherapist
Founder and CEO